Saturday, 24 March 2012

Christchurch and the stadium game

New Christchurch stadium trumps them all

Just a quick comment here. The new Christchurch Rugby Stadium (AMI Stadium actually) gets its first match tonight with the Crusaders at home for the first time in well over a year. The new facility was funded primarily with government funding and was intended to give Christchurch locals a return to a sense of business as usual with the return of major sports, and other large-scale attractions. I hope it goes well - I like that it is not considerably expensive and that it is purpose built for rugby. What worries me, though, is that when the old Lancaster Park gets pulled down, what will happen to the traditional stadium design in the city. I sense that if this facility succeeds, it may well lead to a situation not unlike what has occurred in the US in the past two decades, with multiple purpose built facilities replacing multiple purpose facilities. Money is of course going to be an issue, but when the government is involved, well, anything can happen. Especially if the intention is a newly vibrant city that wants to attract people back with a multitude of entertainment/sporting options...

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